Calling out all women like you who are determined to empower yourselves through financial literacy!

Tired of your own financial struggles?

Do you really think investing can solve your money woes?

What if money is no longer an issue in Ramadan and Raya 2025?

What if it's really possible to break the cycle of your never-ending fear?

Ready to recharge with us after Raya?

Why should you join us?

Because we're committed to your financial well-being and to help you escape from the cycle of financial strain! (Next year kan nak raya lagi...)

We are absolutely sure that if you join our Masterclass, you will gain a clear understanding of where you are currently at, and where you should go. After all, that's why you're stuck right? Cause you don't know where to begin...

What do women commonly think about financial freedom?

⚠️ Clearing all your debt

⚠️ Owning luxurious goods

⚠️ Going on frequent holidays

⚠️ Thinking investments can always make money

But what's the actual reality?

✅ Reading 15 money books a year

✅ Watching money shows on Netflix

✅ Investing RM 30,000 in financial courses

✅ The ability to see your finances in one BIG picture

✅ Investing in different instruments and experiencing losses and volatility

We understand...

Dealing with these issues can be incredibly stressful and exhausting, especially if you've been stuck in this situation for years.

When it comes to your financial well-being, if things haven't improved.. it's time to ask yourself.

Are you ready to take action and find a solution?

Keep on scrolling till the end 👇👇

Here are 4 key topics that we'll discuss in this Masterclass

TOPIC 1: Managing & Understanding Debt

Understanding the essentials of debt is critical to financial success.

TOPIC 2: The Power of Effective Risk Management 

Learn about identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks, as well as implementing strategies to protect assets and optimise opportunities in uncertain situations.

TOPIC 3: Understanding Investments & Retirement Planning

Discover about different investment options for your retirement, strategies for building a diversified portfolio, and ways to maximise returns while minimising risks. 

TOPIC 4: Preparing for the Hereafter

Explore advanced estate planning strategies to protect your wealth and provide for future generations, ensuring your wishes are upheld long after you're gone.

Meet your speaker

Introducing Aisya Rahman, our esteemed key speaker and Licensed Islamic Financial Planner. 

With her extensive experience in guiding clients including women through various financial challenges, such as bankruptcy, debt management, overseeing 8-figure Shariah investments, implementing risk management strategies, and designing comprehensive estate planning solutions, Aisya has earned a reputation for simplifying the complexities of personal finance.

Now, we are thrilled to unveil our mini signature programme, Women & Wealth Masterclass, which is a snapshot of our main signature programme, Women & Wealth Workshop. Here, we delve deep into the realm of money management, covering essential topics such as budgeting, cash flow management, debt strategies, asset protection, and much more. Join us as we empower more women like you to take control of your financial future and achieve lasting prosperity. You are the cycle breaker in your lineage!

This Masterclass is not for women who are...

❌ Financial Planners.
❌ Overconfident on your earnings.​
❌ You already feel that you’re financially literate.​
❌ You rather Do-It-Yourself and don’t mind the trial and error.​
❌ Individuals who seek for a quick-fix, get-rich-quick schemes.
❌ Thinking that this Masterclass is to identify what financial products to buy.​
❌ Unit Trust Agents, Takaful Agents, Insurance Agents. We have a better class for you (DM us...).

This Masterclass is curated for women like you who are...

✅ Employees in the corporate sector and government officers.
✅ Have no time and would rather follow a clear, proven roadmap.
✅ Actively looking to take control of your own financial well-being.
✅ Single mothers or mothers who are breadwinners to your families.
✅ Women who aim to build a strong foundation of wealth and financial security.
✅ Someone who is humble enough to open up to new knowledge and know that you don’t know it all.

✅ Seeking for a safe space among women like you who want to talk about money openly, without judgements.
✅ Want to discover which core money beliefs and generational patterns are sabotaging your journey to financial freedom.

These transformations can be yours too..

Location of our Women & Wealth Masterclass

📆 Date: 25 May 2024, Saturday
🕑 Time: 8:30 AM - 05:00 PM
📍 Location: Bentley Music Auditorium Mutiara Damansara, Level 4 (opposite IKEA)

Parking: Park in the basement of Bentley, IKEA, Lotus and The Curve

Flat Fee Premium Parking in front of Bentley at RM 15 per day (first come first served)

Public Transport: MRT Mutiara Damansara (8 minutes walking distance)


We will throw in these FIVE exclusive bonuses that are not available anywhere
else except in this Masterclass. Take action now!

✅ Financial Template: Want To Retire Early?
(value RM 100)

Achieve your early retirement dreams with ease using this user-friendly financial template. It's your step-by-step guide to securing your financial future and enjoying retirement on your terms.

✅ Financial Template: Want To Invest On Your Own? (value RM 100)

Harness the power of investing with this accessible financial template. Take charge of your financial future and build a portfolio tailored to your goals.

Financial Template: Want To Achieve Financial Freedom? (value RM 100)

Realise your dreams of financial freedom with this essential financial template. It guides you step by step towards financial independence, giving you the tools to build wealth and secure your future on your terms.

Financial Template: Want To Start Your Own Business? (value RM 100)

This financial template is your key to entrepreneurship. It streamlines the path to starting and growing your own business, providing the essential tools for success. 

✅ eBook: What Is Wealth? (value RM 200)

58 pages of wisdom on wealth – this eBook offers concise insights and actionable tips to help you achieve financial success and a fulfilling life.

And that's not all! Along with YOUR TICKET, you will also
receive an EXCLUSIVE WOMEN & WEALTH WORKSHOP merchandise from us (LIMITED TIME ONLY!).

Exciting, right? It's a Buy 1 FREE 1 + 9 offer! Worth RM 11,400!


GENERAL BUY 1 FREE 1 +  8 items

RM 5,900

RM 160 (including SST)

You and your friend will both receive these bonuses!

GENERAL BUY 1 FREE 1 seating access to Women & Wealth Masterclass. Value RM 5,000

✅ 4x Financial template. Value RM 400

✅ What is Wealth? eBook. Value RM 200

Exclusive Merchandise. Value RM 300

Kiddocare Voucher. *For first time user only

Value RM40



- Sign up today. Only if you show up for our Women & Wealth Masterclass, you are eligible for a full refund (minus platform service fee) if you feel the content shared was not beneficial. Refunds' period is within 3 days after completion of our Women & Wealth Masterclass.

- No refunds for no-shows or cancellations, you may arrange for someone else to fill your seat at your own capacity.

- As the event organiser, we have the rights to decline your participation if you do not fulfil the requirements above or inappropriate behaviour.

- F&B is not provided. Surrounding the event venue, eateries are aplenty. You are encouraged to bring your own food or snacks to keep your tummy happy during morning, lunch and tea breaks.

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